Sliding wardrobe doors

Advantages of Custom Made

Fitting Sliding Wardrobe Doors

By choosing sliding wardrobe doors over hinged, traditional doors, you can take advantage of numerous positive aspects. Installing fitting sliding doors can suit virtually any situation. You can select from a wide choice of colours and finishes. One of the advantages of fitting sliding wardrobe doors is the fact that when opening them they don’t extend out into the bedroom, which means that you will need consequently much less clearance is required in between the fixtures inside the room and the wardrobes.

Another advantage is that the sliding


are not required to hold their weight all from a single edge. That means that you are free to choose a broader selection of materials, such as coloured glass, frosted glass, decorative mirrors, and wood effect panels. For your sliding doors you can even mix and match different features and materials. For example, you could choose totally different finish at either side and a full-length mirror in the centre panel. Horizontal breaks in the sliding doors allow you to create a contrast of finishes and colours. You can have a broader opening within a single door width if you choose sliding doors, which means that all at once you can gain access to more of your fitted wardrobes without having to operate more doors. A wide range of internal storage solutions can outfit sliding wardrobe systems in order to cater for whatever items you want to store. From shoe racks to hanging rails, everything can be accommodated in your wardrobe and reached very easily.

Sliding wardrobe doors are a modern

answer to bedroom storage,

however you can achieve a classical appearance by using high quality woods, including oak or cherry or oak. In order to match current decoration and furnishings you can choose from a large selection of sliding wardrobe doors light and dark surface finishes. If you prefer a more modern look, you can select glass panels that come in various colours. Your sliding wardrobes can even create an eye-catching center point in order to become the principle feature in the bedroom. Choosing to install sliding wardrobe doors is not limited to just the bedroom. You can employ attractive sliding door storage to de-clutter your garage. From children games and toys, sports gear, tools to hiking items, you can use the attractive sliding doors to conceal everything discretely. Any garage convenient wall can be fitted with sliding door storage. The storage space can be equipped with ingenious options so that all your items stay easily accessible and organized. It is easy to arrange smaller things with pull-out compartments and storage and larger items can be kept safe on shelves.

Install sliding wardrobe doors in your living room

You can also install sliding wardrobe doors in your living room in order to accommodate your collections of DVDs and CDs. Your living space can be enhanced by using a wall as a spacious storage space. You can preserve your media library protected and out of sight by installing appealing sliding panels. There are available many different shelving options to cater to all different sized items, from large books to CDs. The hallway is another location in your house where installing sliding wardrobe doors can be useful and practical. Hand bags, jackets, shoes and boots and shoes can be stored out of sight by simply installing sliding storage solutions. For your hallway it is a good idea to incorporate a full length mirror in your sliding doors, in order to check your appearance before going out.

Properly fitted sliding wardrobe doors

are made of top quality parts and materials. They are the best choice because free-standing wardrobes are unlikely to exactly fit your space. If you leave a gap at the top of the wardrobe you will allow dust to gather. If you install a free-standing wardrobe into an alcove it is most likely that you will be left with wasted space because there will be gaps either side. The shelf and single rail inside a free-standing wardrobe will offer you only very limited storage options. A custom fit sliding doors wardrobe is especially designed to fit your chosen space. Only a custom made fitting wardrobe with sliding doors can give you maximum storage for your built-in wardrobes and make use of every spare inch. When you choose to have custom made wardrobes installed, you can make your own design statement because you are the one in control of every aspect of the product. You can have your choice of materials, sliding doors smoked grey mirrored, aubergine glass, or a timeless oak framed look. You can make your bedroom really unique by choosing a custom made fitted wardrobe with sliding doors.
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